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Oracle Company’s New Campus Expected to Transform South Downtown Austin


For the past 16 months, Oracle has been building their new campus that overlooks Lady Bird Lake east of downtown Austin. In a move that shows Oracle’s belief in Austin as a tech hub, the building office space will house 30,000 tech workers, according to an Austin American Statesman 512Tech article by Lori Hawkins and Shonda Novak.

Oracle, the world’s second largest software company, is expected to transform Southeast Austin with its new campus as it will open new opportunities for a variety of players.

“We have seen an increase in businesses considering East and Southeast Austin for their office locations, which should bring even more new jobs to the area closer to where people currently live. As employees begin populating the Oracle campus, we anticipate additional local restaurants, hotels, and services which ties to our work, live, and play values.”

Mike Rollins, president of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce | Austin American Statesman

Furthermore, Oracle’s presence in Austin is expected to increase dramatically from here. Oracle’s campus is just the beginning for the company, according to company officials. According to Armour, phase one of the project will house about 3,000 individuals on the current campus, and phase 2 will bring in another couple thousand.

“Oracle has got a very long-term view and commitment to having a significant presence in the Austin area,” Armour said. “I think this could scale to literally thousands just in my group.”

Oracle chose Austin for its office campus location for a few reasons. One, Austin attracts a significant number of millennials and produces many college graduates. It is these groups of people and the talent/skills that they offer that Oracle needs.

Scott Armour, senior vice president of Oracle Digital, said Austin is attractive to millennials and college graduates largely because of it is a vibrant city with a  “great location, with the music scene, great cultural scene and great weather.”


[Via Austin American Statesman]


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