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  • Texas Employment Growth Remained Strong Through the End of 2018

      Going into 2019, the Texas unemployment rate remained at a historic low, as 2018 saw 391,800 jobs added. According to Texas Workforce Commission Chair Ruth Hughs, “Texas is the place to be for job growth and economic development as Texas employers in our state continue to create job opportunities for the highly skilled Texas workforce.” Over the year, 10 out of 11 major industries... READ MORE

  • Austin had the Highest 2018 Rent Jump in Texas

      According to the year end report for RentCafe — an apartment listings site — Austin’s apartment rental pricing increased by 4.4 percent over the past year. Fort Worth came in second with the percent increase 0.6 percentage points lower than Austin’s rent jump. Austin’s average apartment rent was $1,361/month at the time of the report — higher than Dallas, San Antonio, and other big Texas... READ MORE

  • Austin is the No. 1 American City to Start a Business

    Austin is attracting increasingly more talent and more startups growing four times faster than most parts of the Silicon Valley, according to Inc. Magazine’s Surge Cities Index Analysis. Americans are commonly drawn to Austin for its lively music culture, affordable living, well-educated group of people, and all-around fun atmosphere. However, now so more than ever, people who come to Austin are... READ MORE

  • Rental Rates on the Rise as Housing Market Cools

      With a slowing down housing market, economists predict that rental rates will increase across the states. Here are a handful of reasons for this trend. For one, rising interest rates are pushing more and more Americans out of the market in the ongoing housing shortage. Furthermore, mortgage-interest deductions and caps on state and local tax deductions are steering Americans away from... READ MORE

  • Austin Ranks as the No. 2 Market to Sustain Potential in 2019

      A recent Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Urban Land Institute determined the top 10 U.S. real estate markets to hold the greatest potential in 2019. Millennial population, high connectivity, technology readiness and ease of doing business are all factors that the top 10 real estate markets share. Austin, Texas, is the No. 2 best market to look out... READ MORE

  • Austin’s Unemployment Rate Drops to the Lowest Level of 2018

      Austin’s unemployment rate recently dropped to its lowest 2018 level at 2.7 percent. The impressive local economy allows people to find jobs as fast as they are entering the workforce. From September to October, 4,600 new workers entered the region, and in November the unemployment rate only increased more. However, the strong demand for more workers and a “stretched” labor market will... READ MORE

  • Austin is Currently the Best U.S. City to Live

      According to recent research conducted by MONEY, Austin is the best U.S. city to currently live in. After analyzing big cities, with populations of 300,000 and more, Austin had the best of the best for city living: attractions, iconic neighborhoods, a relatively low cost of living, and promising job growth. From 2017-2022, Austin’s projected job growth is 10.9 percent. But the thriving... READ MORE

  • Austin Ranks as No. 1 Best City for Veterans to Live

      Our veterans face many challenges when re-entering civilian life — 40,000 veterans don’t have homes and unemployment is an issue. According to WalletHub author Adam McCann, “despite Uncle Sam’s promises to provide health care as well as housing, employment and educational assistance upon their return from service, some cannot secure healthcare, jobs or shelter.” WalletHub conducted... READ MORE


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