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Austin Ranks in Top Ten for Cities Where Tech Salaries Go the Furthest


According to reporter Jed Tolko, “the general rule is that tech salaries are higher where tech opportunities are more plentiful.” However, the cities where tech opportunities are highest are also some of the most costly places to live, such as San Francisco or New York. To help workers in the tech industry find the best place to thrive, Indeed Hiring Lab analyzed which cities will allow you to do the most with your salary — Austin ranked as the third best city.

Indeed Hiring Lab calculated the average salary for all tech jobs using data collected from Aug. 2016 to July 2017 in 25 metropolitan areas, including the largest market cities and notable tech hubs. The salaries were then adjusted for individual cost of living in each city.

According to the article, for those who have tech based jobs, deciding where to live is actually very important. Cost of living in these areas is often very pricey — Silicon Valley and the Bay Area have some of the highest costs of living in the country — and figuring out how to equalize the higher paychecks in tech hubs with the also higher cost of living is a balancing game.

“Austin and Raleigh, NC, are significantly cheaper. That $100,000 tech job will get you more bedrooms, avocado toasts, and climbing-gym memberships in central Texas than in coastal California.”

Jed Kolko | Indeed Hiring Lab

The article went a step further by analyzing which cities allow tech salaries to go the furthest for specific occupations. In Austin being a front end developer creates the highest salary adjusted for cost of living. Nonetheless, being the No. 3 ranked city, Austin is a viable candidate for any tech specialty.

[Via Indeed Hiring Lab]

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