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Austin Ranks No. 3 of 100 Largest Metro Areas for Jobs Requiring High Digital Skills


The term “digitalization” has taken over the U.S. economy and workspace in the last few decades as digital technology has worked its way into nearly every single business. The recent Brookings report, “Digitalization and the American workforce,” by Mark Muro, Sifan Liu, Jacob Whiton, and Siddharth Kulkarni, highlights the jobs that require high, medium or low digital skills: Austin ranked No. 3 of the 100 largest metro areas for jobs that require high digital skills.

From 2002 to 2016, the number of U.S. jobs that require extensive digital knowledge increased dramatically as workers across all job types began to utilize tools that require digital skills.

In 2002 the percentage of jobs requiring high digital skills was just 5 percent, in 2016 this number jumped to 23.

“Job growth has been rapid in high-digital level occupations, such as computer-mathematical and business-finance occupational groups … The mean annual wage for workers in high-level digital occupations reached $72,896 in 2016, whereas workers in middle-level digital jobs earned $48,274 on average, and workers in low-level digital occupations earned $30,393 on average … .”

Digitalization and the American Workforce Study | Brookings

Austin has an impressive tech industry, so it comes as no surprise that it is ranked highly in having jobs that require high digital skills.

For an in depth analysis of the positive and negative effects of this digitalization in Austin and other metro areas (how it affects gender, race, wages, etc. and how it affects individual industries, and much more) follow the link to the full detailed study or the Brookings report and briefing.

[Via Brookings]

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