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Austin is the Most Changed US City


While one of Austin’s most popular taglines is “Keep Austin Weird,” consistency is not common for Austin as it was named the No. 1 most changed U.S. city in a recent study.

MagnifyMoney collected information on nine elements of local change for the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, including topics such as employment, income and housing prices. The data was collected from 2006-2016, and each city was given a score out of a 100. Austin scored the highest with a change score of 90.4.

Austin ranked impressively well across a diverse number of topics, including experiencing a 34 percent positive change in median income — the third highest behind San Jose and San Francisco.

“Austin is a magnet for change, with the fastest job growth in the nation (+40 percent since 2006), 60 percent of residents moving since 2010, and a 54 percent rise in house prices since 2006, the most of the 50 metros ranked.”

Data Report | MagnifyMoney

While San Francisco and San Jose are famous for being cities that experience rapid growth and advancement, they did not earn the No. 1 spot because of a lack of change in housing prices, something that Austin has experienced in the past decade.

[Via MagnifyMoney]

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